All Google SEO Ranking Factors 2017

There are a lot of google seo ranking factor that helps to improve your website or page ranking in google
Relevance of incoming links :

Incoming links from websites and pages on the same topic as yours count a lot more than links from irrelevant websites. If most of your incoming links are from irrelevant sites, you’re likely to be penalised by Google.

Number of incoming links :

It used to be ‘the more links the better’. Now only quality links matter and the more quality links the better. Having a sizeable number of poor quality or unnatural links will hinder rather than help you

Domain Authority of incoming links :

The higher the Domain Authority of the website linking to you, the more SEO boost your site will receive.

Variety of links :

Google looks for a natural link pattern and one way to achieve this is to have a wide variety of links. A site that has 50 links all from forums will rank far worse than a site with 50 links from a wide variety of sources.

Links from social media websites :

Links from social media websites like Facebook and Twitter are treated separately to links from other websites by Google as they have a ‘nofollow’ tag assigned to them, however Google have confirmed that they take them into account. Social media is also a great way to reach new clients directly and to interact with existing clients.

‘Links from high authority or ”hub” websites’ :

In any industry there will be ‘hub’ sites which are recognised leaders or news portals and links from these sites carry more weight.

Number of outbound links on the page :

Google officially removed the PageRank tool on 7 March 2016, but they will use a similar algorithm internally. With PageRank the benefit or link juice of outgoing links was divided between all of them, therefore for links to your site, it’s best if that page links to none or just a few other relevant pages.

Quality of linking content :

Links from a page with well-written content that has good spelling and grammar, a high number of visits, attractive images, etc. will provide more traffic and more SEO benefit.

Links from articles :

Links from quality unique articles placed on single relevant websites or blogs give you a significant ranking boost. Avoid mass submitting articles or using article sites as Google may consider that a manipulative SEO practice.

Links from infographics or other images :

Creating rich media like infographics is a good way to raise your brand awareness and generate more social media shares and likes. If these pages link to you, it also helps your SEO.

Links from videos :

People love videos and are more likely to share them. They also have the highest chance of going viral. Links from video pages can be great for SEO.

Link bait :

Creating interesting content (like this interactive infographic) that you want people to link to is called ‘link bait’ and is a valid organic SEO strategy.

Customer reviews :

Having positive customer reviews in Google+ will give your Google+ page a boost and help with local SEO. There is also speculation that positive reviews elsewhere also help your SEO in general.

301 Redirects :

If you change domain names it’s essential to 301 (permanently redirect) or 302 (temporarily redirect) your old site to your new one. You can also gain benefit if other pages are 301 redirected to your site, provided they’re relevant and natural.  Since July 2016 you now keep 100% of the benefit of 301 and 302 redirects.

Positive or negative comments around link :

It’s likely that Google will look for indicators of if a link is positive (e.g. a recommendation) or negative (e.g. a complaint) and factor that into their algorithm

Links from directories :

Links from relevant, quality directories help your SEO, but mass submitting your content to many directories can hinder it, therefore manual submissions with unique content are best.

Links from .edu and .gov domains :

Another myth is that Google have a special rule for .edu and .gov domains. They don’t! That said, these sites typically are more trustworthy and have higher domain authority, so natural links from them will always help.

Link Title :

You can add a title that appears when you hover over a link that may provide a small ranking benefit if used in moderation.

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